Sedona Gardens

Welcome to Sedona Gardens

Sedona Gardens is an Archetype for the world population to learn from with 300 edible and medicinal plants, farm to fork restaurants, brewery along with participation from our local wineries and merchants. This location will also lease dedicated land to the restaurants within Sedona along with work programs and food production for the resident. The garden comprises 15 clusters spanning vegetable areas, stone and pome fruits, nuts, citrus, berries, bees, herbs, ducks and chickens, a prickly pear maze, and more. Gravity feeds water from streams by rills into the garden, flowing through ponds planted with edible lotus, nymphaea lilies and waterblommetjies.

Every one of the more than 300 varieties of plants in the garden is edible or has medicinal value. They are also grown as organically as possible and in a biologically sustainable manner. The fruit and vegetables from the garden are harvested all year round for use in two farm-to-fork restaurants and brewery. Along the edge of the garden, a natural stream flows creating a space for indigenous wild olives to flourish. In their shade a collection of some 7000 clivia lilies explode in a spectacular display every spring.The location the 300 acre “Dells” across from the Sedona Treatment Plant who will provide everything they have to offer for Whole Sustainability efforts not to mention this location will also include one of three transportation hubs for the City of Sedona with future plans for expansion. A business model designed to create revenue for the City and to keep traffic out of the city.