Traffic and Transit

Forward Thinking

Finding solutions for Sedona’s Tourism and transportation consists of many moving parts. As we strive to find the best solutions for managing more than three million tourists, we also must plan to alleviate our carbon footprint on the Red Rocks and ease the burden of traffic for Sedona’s residents.

As a stepping stone, we look to immediately create more effective and accessible public transit and offer incentives for Sedona’s resorts and hotels, as well as the tourists, to utilize public transportation to keep more cars off the road.

As we move forward, the most cost effective approach to public transit utilizes the current infrastructure while wisely implementing a program designed to evolve. We all need to get from point A to point B, but somehow our experience with transit leaves us feeling rushed rather than exhilarated.

An option to consider further is the much improved American Trolley. They tend to capture attention from all angles with the raised roof cupola, arch windows, traditional colors and brass accents, enticing riders of all ages to hop on and experience the nostalgia of the trolly.

Better yet we can Go Green with the American Trolly. They offer longer range capabilities and lower emissions. The full electric models provide high mileage and short recharging times, which actually produce zero emissions.